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Snow Day Thumbnail

Snow Day



My sons pulled me out of bed yesterday morning after waking up to snow and the discovery that school was again out of session. The early rush meant my morning email check would be delayed. I started the Keurig, threw on my boots and stepped outside, only to find myself assailed by a barrage of snowballs. I responded like any dad, time to warm up the arm.  Suddenly, I found myself brought back to reality by the reverberating chime of an email notification. After a glance, I tell myself, “Perfect, the world is falling apart and I’m in a snowball fight”.  This was the first email I found... 

We head inside for hot chocolate and I turn on CNBC for a live update. As expected, I see a frenzied group of speculators discussing what effect a war with Iran would have on markets. Everyone seems to have the answer.  Yet, no answer seems to have any sound basis.  Contrary to popular belief, research tells us markets thrive during these times. The article below does a wonderful job of putting these events into historical context.  I encourage you to give it a read 


Thankfully, Wealth Advisor IQ’s email and the trader’s “won't be pretty” warning missed the mark. The closing bell saw major indices shrug off the news and finish strong.  I would initially guess these events and the potential for war would send markets spiraling.  Actual data tells quite a different story.     

For now, I’ll stick with what I can control to better enjoy the time I have today. The best takeaway from yesterday came from two small boys amidst a snowball fight. Enjoy the moment you’re in before it passes. It’s anyone’s guess what tomorrow will bring for markets, the news cycle, and most importantly your journey.