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Forget about stocks for a minute. What is your time worth? The spectrum of events in our lives is measured by infinitely smaller seconds. They’re unrecoverable, fleeting, and invaluable.  

Here’s a moment of truth—time escapes us quickly and with less forethought than our hard-earned dollars. Consider this: when you want to see how much money you have, you pull out your phone, open an app, and immediately see the value of your assets. 

Spoiler alert: there is no app for time.  

Seneca writes, “...we squander so much of it because we forget how limited it is.”

Of all the assets you could own, time is the most treasured. 

As humans, we set goals and ambitions: things we want to accomplish that give us purpose. While on the path to meeting our goals, we can encounter roadblocks, like obligations, duties, and random events. These sap us of precious moments that could be spent doing the things we really want to do in life.

Buttonwood Wealth isn’t a cookie-cutter investment company. We’re an asset optimization collective, and we’re in the business of helping you increase your time. The idea is simple: an individual can reclaim moments by applying Nobel prize-winning science to their investments to increase their expected returns. We’re here to help you meet your objectives faster, potentially retire earlier, and do more of the things you love with the people you love. Finding the balance between your financial future and your present is achievable—we’re here to help you find it. Pink Floyd musically infused into our consciousness in their song “Time” the truth that our years are getting shorter. They are flying by, aren’t they? Instead of sketching out what you want to do with your time, get out there and get busy doing it. 

“You will hear many people saying: ‘When I am fifty I shall retire into leisure; when I am sixty I shall give up public duties.’ And what guarantee do you have of a longer life? Who will allow your course to proceed as you arrange it? Aren’t you ashamed to keep for yourself just the remnants of your life, and to devote to wisdom only that time which cannot be spent on any business? How late it is to begin really to live just when life must end!” – Seneca. On The Shortness of Life